CHEMICALLY GREEN FLOOR STRIPPER Chemically Green Floor Stripper is specially designed to effectively remove Chemically Green Zinc-Free Seal & Finish and other "non-zinc" cross-linked floor finishes. This low odor, durable and burnishable formula is easy to work with and is perfect for use in all types of facilities including healthcare, retail and education.

CHEMICALLY GREEN FLOOR FINISH This product was developed using highly advanced technology to provide a premium environmentally preferred floor finish. This high solids finish offers a clear, deep gloss and requires fewer coats to achieve the desired results.

CHEMICALLY GREEN MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER A unique multi-purpose cleaner that can be used as a neutral floor cleaner, heavy duty and spray & wipe cleaner.  Recommended for use on any surface not harmed by water such as floors, walls, chrome, stainless steel, vinyl and sealed wood.  Highly concentrated, this product provides a low end-use cost per gallon.


CHEMICALLY GREEN GLASS CLEANER Specially formulated for fast, effective cleaning of glass and many other hard surfaces. Cleans and polishes without streaking, is fast drying. Contains no ammonia, alcohol, dye or fragrance.  Concentrated for effective and economical use.


CHEMICALLY GREEN PEROXIDE CLEANER This product can be used throughout the facility. Its many uses include tile and grout, floors and carpets. It can even be used on glass. It removes mold stains and soap scum. Its active ingredient, Hydrogen Peroxide, allows it to clean without the fumes associated with aggressive acids. It whitens grout as effectively as cleaners that contain bleach but is less aggressive on clothing and has a longer shelf life than traditional bleach cleaners.


CHEMICALLY GREEN TUB & TILE CLEANER This product was formulated with a low pH organic salt capable of replacing a wide range of traditional acids.  Concentrated, non-corrosive and non-fuming - contains no dye or fragrance.  It removes lime scale and rust stains from a variety of bathroom surfaces including tubs, tile, grout, walls, toilet bowls, urinals and shower stalls.