MICROPHENE DISINFECTANT DEODORANT – EPA registered phenolic disinfectant spray, is an effective Pseudomonacidal: Mildewcide: Fungicidal: Staphylocidal and Tuberculocidal. Microphenes pleasant fragrance leaves a clean, fresh disinfectant scent. Available: 12 - 16 Oz./Case.

ALAN STAINLESS STEEL POLISH AND CLEANER – Formulated to resist fingermarks. Lightly lemon scented polish leaves a high luster sheen to all types of stainless steel. Works terrific on anodized aluminum. Available: 12 - 16 Oz./Case.

REALLY: GENERAL PURPOSE FOAMING DISINFECTANT CLEANER – EPA registered quaternary cleaner, disinfects and deodorizes with one simple spray. Unique foaming action will shine bathtubs, sinks, shower stalls, walls, formica, porcelain and vinyl. Pleasant lemon fragrance. Available: 12 - 18 Oz./Case.

DUSTMOP CLOTH AND FLOOR TREATMENT – Turns dust into controllable particles preventing dust from scattering. This product controls dust and pollen when sprayed on air conditioned filters. Excellent for wood polishing and all types of floor dustmopping. Available: 12 - 17 Oz./Case.

JELL VANDALISM MARK REMOVER – This jelled formulation will cling to vertical surfaces for faster penetration. Easily removes crayon, pencil, lipstick, ball point inks and spray paint. Use on all hard surfaces. Available: 12 - 17.5 Oz./Case.

PROBLEM SOLVER – Fast acting jell with ammoniated power that removes wax and soil build-up on baseboards and hard to reach corners. This formulation is a jelled product that works fast to emulsify old wax. Available: 12 - 22 Oz./Case.

FOAMING WINDOW CLEANER – Easily dissolves smudge, film, scum and bug stains on all soiled windows and mirrors, is dirt resistant and non streaking. Unique can utilizes a new type of upside down valve that will not clog. Available: 12 - 18 Oz./Case.