CREATIVE SOLUTION SYNTHETIC DETERGENT –Concentrated detergent cleaner, cleans any kinds of soil in hot or cold water. Wide range of uses for all washable surfaces. Pleasant fragrance. Available:55 - 35 Gal. Drums · 5 Gal. Pails.
ANYWHERE NEUTRAL CLEANER – Formulated for damp mopping over high gloss finishes. This neutral pH cleaner has optical brighteners to enhance any floor care program. Product will not blush your floor finish; the gloss stays right where it belongs, on the floor. Non-rinsing. Available: 55 - 35 Gal. Drums · 5 Gal. Pails.
CREATIVE SOLUTION SEALER – Provides a complete foundation to start a high level floor care system. Levels easily and fills porous floors, seals out soil, prevents dirt penetration and creates a cohesive film to allow floor finish to level on top of the surface. Non-yellowing. Used on all floor surfaces. Available: 55 - 35 Gal. Drums · 5 Gal. Pails.
FINISHING MOPS – Rayon and cotton blend mop delivers both long wear and superior on-the-floor performance. Available: 6 - 24 Oz./Case.
BUCKET AND WRINGER COMBO – Resists chemicals, cracking, dents and abrasion. wringer is effortless and corrosion resistant. Four casters and wet floor logo on the pail. Available: 26 or 35 Qt.
CREATIVE SOLUTION STRIPPER – The ultimate stripper to cut through build-up of all high solid floor finishes. Restorers and spray buff solutions. Strong amines and alkalinity penetrates and solublize the heaviest film. Available: 55 - 35 Gal. Drums · 5 Gal. Pails.
CREATIVE SOLUTIONS 21% FLOOR FINISH – Rich gloss, superior response to spray buffing, steel tough against black marks, problem-free application, highly slip resistant. Available: 55 - 35 Gal. Drums · 5 Gal. Pails.
SPIT SHINE – Ready to use spray buff maintenance system gives old floors that new wet look. A fast economical method for "touch up" traffic areas. Available: 12 Quarts/Case.
PROBLEM SOLVER – Fast acting jell with ammoniated power that removes wax and soil build-up on baseboards and hard to reach corners. Available: 12 - 22 Oz./Case.
EVERYDAY CLEANER – Formulated to satisfy a wide range of customers. This general all purpose cleaner can be manufactured with cherry, lemon, pine, mint or bubblegum fragrances. 16 - 1 dilution for long-use performance. Available: 55 - 35 Gal. Drums · 5 Gal. Pails.
EVERYDAY 16% 18% - FLOOR FINISH – These 16% and 18% solid finishes are formulated for hallways and corridors. Brilliant gloss and strong scuff resistant properties allows for a solid everyday product. Responds to both dry and wet buffing. Available: 55 - 35 Gal. Drums · 5 Gal. Pails.
CAUTION SIGNS – A must for any damp mopping or stripping procedure. Always secure signs when laying down sealer or floor finish.