BURNISHERS (A) 1500 rpm & 2000 rpm - 19"- 21" Standard. Alan's burnisher series boasts a bold design paired with unequaled smooth performance. Excellent for spray buffing or restoring. 2 year warranty.

DUAL SPEED (B) - A flip of the finger-tip switch changes the Alan 175 RPM stripping machine to a 300 RPM spray buffing polishing machine. Available in 17", 19" and 21". 2 year warranty.

REGULAR SPEED (C) -175 RPM - Alan's standard polishing and strip-ping machine has been designed for performance and durability. 17" & 20" Standard - Other Sizes Available. 2 year warranty.

DRAG EXTRACTOR (D) - Alan's 12 Gallon solution recovery tanks satisfy any carpet cleaning job. Dual 2 stage vacuums. 100 psi removes soil with no residue. Also available with heat and pump out options. 12" bendable dual jet wand and 20' vacuum hose.

SELF CONTAINED EXTRACTOR (E) - Alan's economical extraction workhorse, finger-tip spray control permits proper use of solution and vacuum. Automatic float shut off. 60 psi - 8 Gallon Solution/Recovery with 15" swath. Accessory package also available.

AIR MOVER (F) - Powerful and tough, Alan's blower will speed the drying time of wet carpet up to 50%. Ventilates hot, closed areas. 1 or 3 speeds available.

ALAN AUTOMATIC SCRUBBER (G) - 20" Scrubbing width, 29" squeegee width. Alan's 9 gallon solution and recovery tank scrubber features a floating squeegee which is able to adapt to the most uneven floors. Center feed ensures uniform distribution of solution. Over 97 lbs of brush pressure.

UPRIGHT VACUUMS (H) - Alan's commercial vacuums are built for professional one pass carpet cleaning. The easy to use brush height adjustment enables the unit to clean any type of carpet. Comes with standard 5" hose, extension wand, and crevice tool. Available in 14" and 18" sizes. Larger model available.

ALAN WET & DRY VACUUM (I) - 15 gallon recovery - made from durable molded polyethylene. Metal or stainless steel tank available. This vacuum also comes in 12, 17, and 20 gallon sizes. 1 HP or 2 HR

BACKPACK VACUUM (J) - Alan's backpack vacuum is the quietest vacuum in its category. It weighs only 11 lb and has a capacity of 10 quarts. Ingenious bag support plate holds heavy debris away from the motor filter during use. Ergonomic backrest countered to provide hours of comfort. Includes 14" scallop floor tool, 4" upholstery tool, 3" dust brush, 11" crevice tool, two piece aluminum wand, and 50' safety orange extension cord.