SPEEDSHINE 2000 (A) - High speed burnishers deliver excellent gloss performance on a variety of finished floors. Choose between 1200, 1600 or 2000 rpm. Also available in low speed 17" and 19" 175 rpm.

ANSER (B) - Pick up spots quickly with this portable extractor! It weighs only 18 lbs. with its 2-gal. solution tank and 1.5 gal. recovery tank.

CYCLONE PLUS AIR MOVER (C) - The new 1/2 hp, three-speed air mover significantly reduces the drying time of wet or damp carpet, floors, upholstery, fresh paint and concrete sealer.

ULTRA GLIDE 12 (D) - With a handle-weight 12% lighter than the leading competitive upright vac.

MAGNA TWIN 2200 (E) & 3000 (F) - These wide area vacuums are designed for high filtration and productivity. Choose from 30", 26", 22" or 16" cleaning paths to fit your facility needs.

SCOUT 24 (G) - With no cord to trip over and a low noise level, this new battery-powered vacuum/sweeper is ideal for anytime cleaning, whether hard surface or carpet.

PORTAPAC I & II VACUUMS (H) - These backpack vacuums are perfect for tight congested areas, air vents, high dusting and upholstery cleaning.

EXPLORER 1500 (I) - This extractor delivers easy mobility. It uses a patented 15-gal. contracting solution bladder and a 19-gal. recovery capacity, allowing two tanks to share the space of one.

POWER EAGLE PLUS (J) - Power-packed extractor great for small and medium sized areas. Equipped with 10-gal. solution tank, 14.5 gal. recovery tank, drop down hose for easy emptying.

FALCON ULTRA B (K) - The self-propelled extractor's compact design and front-mounted head allow for easy maneuvering around corners and narrow aisles! Its wide 22" cleaning path incorporates a 100 psi pump and six spray jets for excellent solution dispersal and better cleaning performance.