MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS – All Customers receive material safety data sheets to assure access to emergency numbers and that all hazardous data and precautions are available to the end user.

TIMESAVER – Will strip your floors without scrubbing or flood rinsing. Twice as fast as conventional strippers. Low solids, high active ingredients, evaporates without leaving residue on the floor. Non-ammoniated natural fragrance. Available: 55 - 35 Gal. Drums · 5 Gal. Pails.

FINAL SOLUTION SEALER-FINISH COMBO – Premium protection sealer-finish combo for floors that need minimum maintenance. Made with pure acrylic polymers for the highest degree of protection and durability. Available: 55 - 35 Gal. Drums · 5 Gal. Pails.

MIRROR IMAGE – Superior wet look finish. Highly responsive to spray-buffing. No application problems. Mirror look from the minute it is applied. Available: 55 - 35 Gal. Drums · 5 Gal. Pails.

DAZZLE – High speed 25% finish for floors that need less frequent burnishing. Exceptional gloss with toughness that repels all soil and scuff marks. Available: 55 - 35 Gal. Drums · 5 Gal. Pails.

GRIMEBUSTER – Natural citrus fragrance waterless moisturizing hand cleaner, with pumice, quickly liquefies oils, paints, dirt, and other tough-to-clean soils. Available: 4 - 1 Gal. Containers with 1 Oz. Pump.

REVIVE Extraction Shampoo – Highly concentrated extraction shampoo for all conventional extraction machines. Contains its own lemon deodorizer for a fresh after fragrance. Available: 55 - 35 Gal. Drums · 5 Gal. Pails.

ORANGE ZESTConcentrated d'Limonene Citrus Air Deodorizer, will chemically neutralize foul odors. Available: 12 Aerosols/Case.

CLEAR VISION – All weather cleaner for mirrors, glass and plexiglas, eliminates spots, film, and streaks. Dissolves grease, oil, fingerprints, and smudges on contact. Available: 12 Quarts/Case.

TRUE COMPACTORCIDE – Water based insecticide-deodorant for all areas of the compactor room. Kills roaches, waterbugs, all crawling insects, mosquitoes, flying moths and house flies, EPA registered. Strong odor deodorizer. Available: 55 - 35 Gal. Drums · 5 Gal. Pails.

LEMONWOOD – Lemon fragrance, furniture polish. Cleans, waxes, polishes and protects all wood surfaces. Available: 12 Quarts/Case.

ELIMINATOR – A fast and easy carpet spot and stain remover. Product is a blend of effective dry and wet cleaning compounds and degreasers that quickly remove spots and stains caused by: grease, oil, dirt, mud, coffee, alcoholic drinks, chocolate, urine, blood, and vomit. Deodorizes as it penetrates. Available: 12 - 18 Oz./Case.

NEW IMPROVED – Force Orange Degreaser, Deodorant Concentrate, Controlled Substance.