ANSER UPHOLSTERY AND SPOTTING MACHINE – A small compact unique machine for quick spot removal and upholstery shampooing. Available: with Tool and Cart.

PROFESSIONAL SPOTTER – Effective water based spotter. Neutral pH; residue free; very pleasant fragrance. Available: 12 Qts./Case · 4/1 Gal. (Case) • 55 Gal. Drum

STEAMETTE – Fortified liquid extraction cleaner for portable extractors. Super concentrate.Use only one ounce per gallon of solution. Low foaming, minimum residue. Available: 4/1 Gal. (Case) · 5 Gal. Pail • 55 Gal. Drum

DEFOAMER – Essential for reducing foam build-up in wet vacuum recovery tanks. Decreases equipment repair cost. Available: 4/1 Gal. (Case) • 55 Gal. Drum

PREMULSION PRE-SPRAY – For traffic lanes and heavy soiled carpets. Loosens tough soiled areabefore extraction cleaning. Available: 4/1 Gal. (Case) • 55 Gal. Drum

TOP SPIN – Fast drying economical spin pad cleaner with detergents and solvents. Carpets dry fast for immediate use. Available: 4/1 Gal. (Case) • 55 Gal. Drum

TANNIN EXTRACTION RINSE – Use Tannin Extraction Rinse after carpets have been cleaned. Run rinse through machine to protect against jet clog. Available: 4/1 Gallon (Case) • 12/12 Oz. (Case) • 55 Gal. Drum

HIGH PERFORMANCE CARPET SHAMPOO – For rotary carpet shampooing and dry foam cleaning. Leaves no sticky residue. Extra concentrated: moderate alkaline. 32:1 dilution. Available: 4/1 Gal. (Case) • 12/12 Oz. (Case) • 5 Gal. Pail · 55 Gal. Drum

CARPET PROTECTOR – Provides protection against stains and soiling with the Dupont Teflon fluorocarbon base. Available: 4/1 Gal. (Case) • 55 Gal. Drum

P.O.G. – A unique non-oily spotter that effectively removes paint, oil, grease and tar without leaving oily residue. Available: 4/1 Gal. (Case) • 12/12 Oz. (Case)

OTHER CARPET PRODUCTS – Health Care Spotter · Carpet Rust Remover · Freeze-Out Gum Remover · Dry Foam Shampoo • Carpet Sanitizer · Static Control · Color Booster • Indelible Ink Stain Remover

UPHOLSTERY PRODUCTS – Upholstery Fine Fabric Shampoo • Upholstery Pre-Spray • Upholstery Protector · Upholstery Extraction Rinse

PROFESSIONAL SPOTTING KIT – Treats over 40 of the most difficult spots and stains. Each kit contains 10 specific spotters and step by step instructions. Available: 1 - Kit Complete

KIL-ODOR – Concentrated deodorizers with Prozyme: odor digesting enzymes. Available in quarts: Fresh Apple, Lemon Burst, Country Morning, Original Cherry Almond, Spring Floral, Country Morning. Available: 4/1 Gal. (Case) • 12 Qts./Case • 55 Gal. Drum