PRE-SPRAY – This solvent degreaser for carpets is sprayed onto traffic areas that have heavy accumulation of dirt or grease. Pre-spraying prior to extracting allows deep down carpet care. Clean fresh fragrance. Available: 12 Quarts/Case.

DE-FOAMER – New formula for carpet extraction shampoo preventing machines from clogging. De-foamer is used at a high dilution and safe on all carpets. Available: 12 Quarts/Case.

ORANGE DEODORANT – Everyone wants to join the orange fragrance bandwagon, so Alan developed Orange Deodorant Concentrate. Pleasant citrus fragrance that lingers for a long time. Add to mopping solution, use as garbage deodorizer or put in a spray bottle to use as an air freshener.Available: 55 Gallon Drum · 35 Gallon Drum · 5 Gallon Pail.

SCRUBS IN A BUCKET – Waterless hand cleaner, with pumice, contained on a single wipe. Pumice does not remain on hands so water is not necessary. Excellent grease remover. Convenient carry-buckets allow workers to clean hands at work stations. Emollients and lotion combined with an orange fragrance leave hands smooth and fresh. Excellent grease remover for tools. Available: 72 Wipes/Bucket - 6 Buckets/Case. (432 Wipes)

GEL-ZORB – This powdered absorbent turns spills into a gel. No need for vacuums or mops and bucket, just scoop up the gel. Great for water and oil spills around boilers. Available: 6 Jars/Case.

NEVER SEE RUST AGAIN – Space-age chemical penetrates rust on concrete, limestone, brick, granite and any unpolished porous surface. Simply apply to rusty areas and the rust will dissolve before your eyes. Excellent where scaffolding leaves rust stains or water leaks from air conditioners. Available: 12 Quarts/Case.

NU GRANITE – No more unsightly walls at the base of building. Spray on Nu Granite and in most cases just hose down. Granite walls become white, free from dirt and carbon. Nu Granite works well with pressure washer. Also, clean sidewalks without heavy equipment. Not to be used on polished surfaces. Available: 12 Quarts/Case.

FINALIST – A must for any high speed floor care program. Cleaners and polymers allow floor to be prepared for hi-speed burnishing. No pre-cleaning necessary as with spray buffing. A terrific alternative to spray buffing when time is a factor. Available: 12 Quarts/Case.

WINTER CLEAN – Compact packets to remove residue caused by snow pellets. One packet added to detergent is all that's needed. Available: 32 Packets/Case.

RIB CARPET MATS – New, beautiful, elegant custom-cut mats for inclement weather, three year guarantee on workmanship. Vinyl backing and finished with vinyl all around. Absorbs 3 gallons of water per square foot.